Application of PVC pipe drain
May 23, 2018

PVC drainage Pipe has been more and more widely used in various industries, PVC drainage pipe Its most important material is polyvinyl chloride, PVC has a strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which is why the extensive use of polyvinyl chloride is a reason. In order to make the façade of the building more beautiful, indoor rainwater drainage system has been more and more widely used. The indoor rainwater pipeline is generally designed according to the pressure-free flow, but because the rainwater flow is sometimes larger and more concentrated, there are two states of gravity flow and pressure flow in the pipeline.

Therefore, indoor rainwater pipelines are more resistant to pressure than other drainage pipelines. PVC drainage pipe is the replacement of traditional drainage materials, it has better physical and chemical properties. The inner wall is smooth, the friction resistance is smaller than the conventional drainage material, so the horizontal pipe installation slope is small, which can improve the indoor net height of the building. At the same time, PVC drainage pipe weight lighter, for the cast iron tube one-fifth, easy to transport and operate The adhesive connection is convenient for installation and maintenance, the price is lower than the conventional drainage pipe, the project cost is reduced greatly, the corrosion resistance is strong, and it is widely used in the construction sewage and rainwater piping system. In addition, the general use of PVC drainage pipe is conducive to saving steel,

It is very important for alleviating the situation of steel shortage in China. Compared with cast iron pipe and steel pipe, PVC-U drainage Pipe has the disadvantage of low pressure and weak impact resistance. In addition. PVC-U drainage pipe, although it is refractory materials, but for the indoor pipeline, there is a fire along the drainage riser may spread upward.

PVC drainage pipe coefficient large, in the construction of the need to install telescopic joints to solve its expansion problem. According to the change of the ambient temperature of PVC-U drainage pipe, the formula for calculating the expansion capacity: L=l a


L-Pipe telescopic capacity (m);

L-Pipe Length (MK

A-coefficient, using 6x10-5~8x10-5-m/(M ℃); T-temperature difference (℃)

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