Construction and burial requirements for PVC pipe drains
May 23, 2018

First, in the roadbed unit construction of the bottom of the base before the transverse drainage pipe buried. Second, slotted: In accordance with the design of drawings and measuring personnel to design the location of the pile number for manual slotting.

PE pipe groove Width is slightly wider than the diameter of 1~2 cm, groove depth of 23 cm under the road bed surface. The length of the groove requires the medial distance of 10 cm, the lateral extension to the slope, the excavation section extends to the ditches inner wall. The slope of the groove to the lateral drainage slope, not to reverse slope, to ensure that the road in the water discharged to the roadbed. Pull the wire before opening the groove to ensure straight

Third, take over: each PVC pipe at both ends of the interface must be set of plastic ring after important, to avoid leakage.

Four, the next tube: Clean trough the bottom, according to the length of the groove after the tube, the tube into the groove, in the central partition with the side of the end of the head to use sack cloth to tighten the mouth tightly to prevent debris into the pipe caused blockage.

Five, Backfill: Select the excavation of fine soil backfill, or the use of sand backfill, must be removed from the large stones, backfill to be artificially compacted, backfill of the top of the soil should not be a high way out of bed, less than the surface of the road 1~2 is divided into appropriate, otherwise it will be compressed by the

Six, clean up: Backfill after the remaining soil to immediately remove the appearance, clean the road, PE pipe residual soil to concentrate unloading in the land and other designated locations, not at will be unloaded on the road.

Seven, fill section of the bottom of the construction, in the brush on the slope, in accordance with the design size in the outlet, cast-in-place trapezoidal water outlet pads, plate using stereotypes wood casting, pouring before the slope, and nailed into 3 25 cm long bamboo, to facilitate stability. 

To be aware of the vertical curve of the line at the lowest point to ensure that there are drains, make sure there is no water on the road. Ultra-high pressure pipe laying requirements in the High Fill section, road bed after inspection, according to the design of the position of the drawings in time to set out the location of the pipeline and well, manual with small excavation machinery slotting, groove bottom slope to meet the design requirements to ensure smooth drainage Slot width is not less than design 47cm, excavated waste residue in time to get out. In the fill section, in order to ensure that the thickness of the pipe cover, to ensure that the PVC pipe is not crushed, the bottom of the trough reduced by 20 cm. In the stone excavation section of the ultra-high subgrade, to the end of the base after the completion of excavation construction.

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