Design method of PVC pipe Drain
May 23, 2018

Design method of plastic pipe formulation 

1.Technology and design principle of PVC plastic pipe

(1) Resin should choose PVC-SC5 resin or pvc-sg4 resin, namely polymerization degree in 1200~1000 polyvinyl chloride resin.

(2) The thermal stability system must be added.

According to the actual requirements of production, we should pay attention to the synergistic effect and antagonism effect between heat stabilizer.

(3) The impact modifier must be added. CPE and ACR impact modifiers can be selected. According to the other composition of the formula and the plasticizing capacity of the extruder, the amount of 8~12 is added. CPE Price is low, the source is widespread, ACR anti-aging ability, welding angle strength is high.

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