Installation instructions for PVC pipe drain
May 23, 2018

1. Saw Tube and groove: The length of the saw Tube is determined according to the measurement and the dimensions of each connecting pipe piece by layer. It is advisable to select the tools such as fine-toothed saws, cutting knives and pipe cutters. The fracture should be flat and the section must not be deformed at all. The socket to be glued can be used as a medium Ban file into a 15o~30o groove. Groove length is generally not less than 3mm, groove thickness should be the thickness of the pipe wall 1/3~1/2.

When the groove is finished, the residue should be cleaned.

2. Socket interface Protection: Socket interface After the connection, should be extruded adhesive with cotton yarn or dry cloth dipped in a little acetone, such as cleaning detergent clean. According to the adhesive performance and climate conditions static to the interface curing. The curing time should be extended properly during the winter construction.

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