Material description of PVC steel wire Hose
May 23, 2018

PVC Steel wire Hose According to the use of mainly divided into: threading hose, drainage hose, ventilation hose, shower hose, wiring harness tube. According to material mainly divided into: Stainless steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose, rubber hose, plastic hose. Threading Hose Threaded Hose mainly galvanized steel strip, stainless steel belt, PA, PE, pp and other plastic materials made of hose.

Use: Machinery manufacturing, Electrical Threading Hose insulation protection, lighting equipment, automotive manufacturing, aviation equipment, Subway, train, automation control industries such as wire and cable protection. Characteristics: Good flexibility, resistance to distortion, good bending performance, can withstand heavier load, acid, lubricating oil, coolant and so on, the surface is shiny, friction-resistant. Can withstand the pressure of foot, do not break, no variant, can quickly recover, and itself without any damage. Stainless steel hose tube mainly refers to the material made of 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel hose.

Use: Used as a wire protection for automatic instrument signal Stainless steel Hose Assembly hose. Stainless steel hose for protection of precision Optical ruler and protective sensing line. It has good softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance and waterproof quality. and provide a certain shielding effect.

Metal hose mainly refers to a spiral corrugated pipe, the other is a circular bellows.

Metal Hose spiral bellows are corrugated spiral-shaped tubular shell, between the adjacent two ripples have a spiral angle, all the ripples can be connected by a spiral A circular bellows is a tubular shell with a closed annular shape, and the wave is formed in tandem with a circular ripple. The annular bellows are machined by seamless tubing or welded tubing. controlled by the processing mode, the single tube length is usually shorter than the helical corrugated pipe. The advantages of annular bellows are good elasticity and small stiffness.

Corrugated hose corrugated hose as a flexible pressure-resistant fittings installed in the liquid conveying system, to compensate for the pipeline or machine, equipment connection between the end of the displacement, The ripple hose absorbs the vibration energy, can play the function of damping and silencing, and has many characteristics such as good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and high and low temperature.

Plastic hose plastic hoses divided into two, one is completely airtight, watertight, such as for the launch vehicle propellant transport, gas, water heaters; another Plastic hose is a continuous winding, the ordinary winding bellows used to protect the cable, such as magnetic phone machine, machine tools, and the lamp bellows is in the production process of clamping wire.

Rubber Hose rubber hoses.

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