Product advantages of PVC pipe Drain
May 23, 2018

1. Tube surface hardness and tensile strength excellent, pipeline safety factor is high.

2. Good anti-aging, normal service life of up to 50 years.

3. Pipeline for inorganic acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance is excellent, applicable to industrial sewage discharge and transportation.

4. The pipeline friction coefficient is small, the flow is smooth, is not easy to jam, the maintenance work quantity is few.

5. The material oxygen index is high, has the self extinguishing nature. 6. The pipe line expansion coefficient is small, is 0.07mm/℃, is affected by the temperature deformation quantity is small.

The thermal conductivity and the elastic modulus are small, compared with the cast iron pipe, The frost resistance is excellent.

7. PIPE, Pipe fittings can be bonded, the construction method is simple, easy to operate, high installation efficiency. 

8. With good water tightness: PVC-U pipe installation, whether the use of bonding or rubber ring connection, all have good water tightness.

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