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How To Choose Good Quality PVC Lay Flat Hose
Jan 28, 2019

PVC hose pressure and the use of PVC hose pressure:
1, normal pressure 3-4 bar, suitable for plain irrigation water;2, strong pressure on 5-6 bar, suitable for plain irrigation water;
3, high pressure type 8-9 bar under pressure, suitable for high irrigation water, mud pump, etc.;4, 10-30 pressed under pressure bar, suitable for the mine fields.The use of PVC hose range:
PVC hose products are widely used, mainly used for farmland, garden, grassland, mine, oilfield, buildings and other places of drainage, irrigation areas.

"Four standard testing PVC hose"
When we buy PVC hose, often can have a choice of standard, the following is we summarize the main points of four standard for everyone.1. The lining material and lining material can determine the service life of the white nylon hose, good lining can ensure hose durable performance, guarantee the anti-aging ability of hose, PVC lining hose in the irrigation industry, with more under the condition of normal use will not cause use problems such as leaking hose.
2. White nylon hose material with skin, hose adopts high-strength polyester filament woven with the skin, can guarantee the working pressure, and the service life of the polyester yarn is longer, can ensure the hose is in use after a period of time will still be able to have enough bearing capacity.
3. Choose the real thing, metal hose production, won't add inferior material, not cut corners.Pressure index, index of wear-resisting are through strict test before they go out.

4. Choose sample of different length of PVC hose pipe, check the thickness of the hose, to comply with industry standards, to inspect its explosive force,avoid the occurrence of pressure blasting, when the hose is in good condition, some poor quality  hose rotten phenomenon occurs.


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