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How To Select Good Quality PVC Garden Hose
Jan 21, 2019
Do you encounter the burst  When you use the PVC garden hose tube?
If so, Does it affect your personal safety? Why appear PVC garden hose tube and delaminating phenomenon?
Next let's analyze why PVC garden hose tube can be burst, let our personal safety is guaranteed.
Reason one:  Because the quality of PVC garden hose is not good, adding to much calcium powder in the raw materials, result in PVC garden hose flexibility and burst pressure coefficient of the plummeting. When PVC garden hose swell a pack, it should stop work or it will appear when tube phenomenon of personal safety will have a big impact.
Reason 2: it is important to note that  burst pressure and working pressure for the PVC garden hose, also note that the actual pressure in your place.
When the actual pressure is higher than the burst pressure of the PVC garden hose,  it will appear delaminating and burst phenomenon of the tube.
How to avoid the tube-burst phenomenon happened?
Must buy good quality PVC garden hose.Distinguish the pros and cons of PVC garden hose is simple, the following method is to distinguish between the performance of PVC garden hose.
1. The smell. The smell for Good quality PVC garden hose is very little, that you can not  smell out carefully.
2. Fold, fold the PVC garden hose to check how its toughness.
3. Frozen. In the refrigerator frozen several hours, check whether  can appear the phenomenon of PVC garden hose hard.
4. Bake, roast with fire to smoke, smell whether it is PVC material
Mastered the above points , you will buy for your PVC garden hose, I remind everybody, the personal safety is the most important!
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