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Industrial Hose Classification By Working Condition
May 23, 2018

summed up the use of working conditions, can be divided into nine categories. Water conveyance hose. For irrigation, horticulture, construction, fire fighting, equipment and tanker cleaning, agricultural fertilizers, feces, industrial sewage drainage and so on.

PVC and EPDM are the most of the internal adhesive materials. Hot water and steam hoses. It is used for cooling water of refrigeration equipment, engine engine, hot and cold waters, food processing, especially for hot water and saturated steam in dairy products factory.

The internal adhesive material is mostly EPDM. Soft drinks and food hoses. For non lipids such as milk, carbonated, orange juice, beer, animal and vegetable oil, drinking water and so on. The glue material is mostly nr or synthetic rubber.

Usually need to have food-grade FDA, DVGW A-level, KTW or CE and other standard qualification certification. Air hose. Used in compressors, pneumatic devices, mining, construction and so on. The glue material to NBR, PVC composite, PU, SBR mostly.

Usually have strict requirements on the applicable pressure. Welded hose. Used in gas welding, cutting and so on.

The glue material to NBR or synthetic rubber, outer gum is usually made of color red, blue, yellow, etc. to show the special gas. Ventilation hoses. Used in heat, dust, soot, chemical gas emissions and so on. Thermoplastic materials, PVC in the majority.

Usually the tube body has a retractable design. Material suction hose. For gas, fog, powder, particles, fiber, gravel, cement, fertilizers, coal dust, sand, mixed soil, gypsum and other liquid transport containing solid particles. Glue material to NR, NBR, SBR, Pu mostly.

Generally, the wear resistance of external adhesive is higher. Oil delivery hose. Used in fuel, diesel, kerosene, oil and so on. The glue material is composed of NBR, PVC and SBR.

There is usually a conductive wire between the inner and outer glue to prevent Mars. Chemical hoses. Used in acid, chemical solution and so on. The internal adhesive material is mostly EPDM.

Usually this type of material requires custom materials and design options.

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