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Life Time Of PVC Braided Hose
Feb 13, 2019

PVC braided hose is a new type of flexible hose produced on the basis of the original PVC hose and the technical upgrade and processing material improvement. In the use of products, the basic service life of different products is different. Today, we will briefly introduce the basic factors that affect the service life of the products.

Life time of PVC braided hose

1. The basic emulsion elastic properties and hygienic standards used in the production of the products are the basic factors affecting the performance of the products. At the same time, the high and low quality of the fabrics used in the production also determines the service life of the products. To the extent that the basic life of the product is guaranteed. The quality of our PVC hose fabrics is high quality in order to make sure the good quality hose.

2. The internal fiber quality used in the production process is also the basic factor determining the quality of the product. The fiber quality can guarantee the high basic strength of the product and the anti-distortion performance during use. Ensuring the basic use value of the product is also an improvement in the company's competitive market. We use high quality fiber for the fiber inside the PVC hose.

3, The usage of PVC materials and fiber materials for combined production will also ensure the performance of the finished product is guaranteed, to bring the basis for actual production activities.

PVC hose products are high-quality hose tubing products that are processed and produced by adding fiber reinforcement layers and steel wires to the original plastic products. Today, we will briefly explain the basic performance characteristics of PVC braided hose products. Here is a brief understanding. Compared with other products in the industry, PVC braided hose is light weight and good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. It can meet the requirements of health and safety, and has significant advantages for water flow resistance and energy saving and improving living environment. , long basic service life, easy to install and use.


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