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Technical Process Of Soft PVC Pipe
May 23, 2018

(1) The extruder chooses Sj65-b, the head chooses straight-through type, the head compression is bigger to 2.5:1, the length diameter ratio namely: The L/D value is 25:1; the screw groove is equidistant and unequal. Recycled soft PVC Melt viscosity is low, the fluidity is very good, so the head compression ratio control in 10~20, the mouth membrane straight part length is the hose wall thickness 10~20 times advisable, the core membrane size may compare the tube, the outside diameter expands the 10%~20%.

Extruded PVC Hose After the need to stretch to reach the required diameter size, cooling mode with spray cooling water cooling, and the spray position from the nose 20~40mm.

(2) The temperature control range of extruder when extruding PVC Hose:

Feeding section: 100℃-120℃; compression segment: 120℃-140℃; homogenization metering segment: 140℃-160℃; shunt: 140℃-160℃; mouth film: 160℃-180℃.

(3) The choice of screw speed: Because of the recycled soft PVC melt fluidity is good, easy to plasticizing, so the screw speed is faster than hard PVC material, the general screw diameter of 65mm extruder screw speed (30±10) r/min suitable.

Because the vent and the outside air, in the processing without compressed air, also will not lead to adhesion and pipe diameter is not round.

(4) Control of traction speed Recycled PVC Hose in production, without the tube to the compressed air, no need to cool, so the traction is reduced, we must strictly control the speed of traction to ensure that the wall thickness of the pipe and recycled PVC Hose OD size.

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