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The Notable Features Of PVC Steel Wire Hose
Feb 11, 2019

A PVC hose pipe that is popular among merchants - PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose is a PVC transparent hose with a spiral steel wire frame embedded.

Widely used in the food industry, health industry, factory industry and agricultural industry, it is an ideal tube for pumping water, sewage, oil and powder.

PVC steel pipe is a new type of PVC reinforced material, which has a very good improvement in pressure resistance and hardness. In the steel wire pipe, the main ones are multiple production methods, among which the main steel wire pipe types in the market include high-pressure steel wire pipe, low-pressure steel wire pipe, steel wire skeleton pipe and transparent steel wire pipe.

In different environments, the way of use will vary, with the new PVC steel tube being used today for a wide range of products. PVC steel hose can be divided into industrial grade (specially transporting industrial water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.) and food grade according to the use (food factory transports juice, milk, edible water, winery to transport liquor, beer , etc.), liquid and solid particles, powder materials such as wind power, suction and drainage, oil, low concentration chemicals. Regardless of the coating, the substance itself is a "non-corrosive" "low concentration chemical" substance.

PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose is also a PVC hose reinforced with steel wire, or PVC steel wire spiral reinforced pipe, referred to as steel wire tube. The product is made of PVC plastic material and has a spiral steel wire as a reinforcing layer. Therefore, the product is both rigid and flexible, that is, it has sufficient mechanical properties and rigidity, and has excellent flexibility. The PVC steel wire pipe is a PVC hose with a steel wire frame embedded therein. The inner and outer tubes are transparent, smooth and free of air bubbles, and the fluid transport is clearly visible; low concentration acid and alkali, high elasticity, not easy to age, long service life; high pressure resistance, can maintain the original state under high pressure vacuum.


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