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  • PVC Spiral Steel Wire Hose

    PVC spiral steel wire hose is a multipurpose flexible hose, which is clear and elastic, easy to use, widely used in food, oil, water, chemical,particles,powder, etc.
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  • PVC Thunder Hose Pipe

    PVC thunder hose is also called PVC steel wire hose, which is manufactured by high quality pure PVC compound and reinforced by spring steel wire, So sometimes, it also named PVC flexible spring hose. Product description: Size: 8mm-200mm Length: 10-100m as request Working...
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  • Clear PVC Steel Wire Hose

    Features PVC steel wire hose has good adaptability to hard weather conditions and vacuum pressure. This PVC hose, with steel wire screwing inlaid in the hose, is light, transparent, and small bending radius. With colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose, it can be...
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  • PVC Spiral Steel Wire Reinforced Suction Hose

    PVC spiral steel wire reinforced suction hose is called Clear PVC steel wire hose, Spring PVC flexible hose, thunder hose, flexible steel wire reinforced PVC hose, etc.
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  • PVC High Pressure Spray Hose

    PVC High Pressure Spray Hose PVC High Pressure Spray Hose is also called PVC spray hose, agriculture spray hose, Industrial spray hose, Sprayer hose pipe, Power Spray Hose, High pressure washer hose, Pressure braided hose pipe, Pressure PVC hose, pesticide spray hose, etc....
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  • Flexible PVC Air Hose

    Flexible PVC air hose is designed for ​pneumatic tools, pneumatic washing apparatus, engine components, and civil engineering equipments.
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  • Reinforced PVC Air Hose

    PVC Air Hose is a flexible hose specially designed for pneumatic power tools, medium and high pressure air delivery.
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  • Industrial PVC Air Hose

    Industrial PVC Air Hoses can be constructed of PVC with high tensile polyester reinforcement in working pressures from 150 to 600 PSI (WP10-40bar).
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  • PVC Air Compressor Hose

    PVC Air Compressor Hose PVC Air Compressor Hose is also called PVC air hose, pneumatic hose, high pressure air hose, high pressure PVC hose, PVC high pressure hose, Multi-purpose air hose, etc. ODM&OEM Application PVC air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, pneumatic...
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  • Pump Irrigation PVC Lay Flat Hose

    Pump Irrigation PVC Lay Flat Hose is a flexible PVC hose for perfect water delivery, Easy to handle portable irrigation system.
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  • Premium Quality PVC Lay Flat Hose

    Sungford offer a wide range of world class lay flat hose for applications such as irrigation, mine dewatering, travel irrigation, fire protection.
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  • General Purpose PVC Lay Flat Hose

    General purpose PVC lay flat hose is a tough, economical PVC water discharge hose featuring high tensile polyester yarn reinforcement and homogenous PVC cover and tube.
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