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  • PVC Nylon Braided Hose

    Description Type: PVC braided hose, Polyester fiber reinforced hose Strong 3-ply construction with high pressure resistance. Premium quality PVC cover with high strength polyester reinforced. Place of origin: Shandong, China Color, length, packing, printing words: as...
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  • Braided PVC Tubing

    Braided PVC tubing is also called PVC braided hose, it is a polyvinyl chloride plastic with plasticizers to make it more flexible and transparent. The braided design helps reinforce the strength of the hose.
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  • Food Grade PVC Fiber Braided Reinforced Hose

    Food Grade PVC Fiber Braided Reinforced Hose Food Grade PVC Fiber Braided Reinforced Hose is also called food grade PVC hose, FDA hose, FDA water hose, FDA food hose, drinking water hose etc. OEM&ODM Application Food grade PVC fiber reinforced hose is designed for...
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  • PVC Garden Water Hose

    PVC garden hose is usually used as water delivery hose for irrigation and watering in park, home, garden, community.
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  • Flexible PVC Garden Hose

    China manufacturer multi colors PVC garden hose pipe is made of superior and pure new PVC and synthetic yarn materials, It is flexible, Non-toxic and odorless, resistant to high pressure and safety, soft, anti-UV, etc.
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  • PVC Garden Hose Pipe

    PVC garden hose pipe is formed of three layers: inner soft PVC layer, outer layer made of high-transparency UV-resistant modified PVC and middle reinforced layer made of evenly-wound high strength polyester.
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  • Home PVC Garden Hose

    Home PVC garden hose mainly means 3 layers hose is the most popular and prevailing PVC garden hose in export market. It is made from 2 layers PVC and with 1 layer polyester yarn reinforcement. Of course, we also have 4 layers and 5 layers PVC garden hose.
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  • Kink-Free PVC Garden Hose

    Kink-Free PVC Garden Hose is design for home garden watering, park irrigation, community washing. The most outstanding characteristics is it is kink resistance, and be used very freely as its special braided structure.
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  • Knitted PVC Garden Hose

    The PVC knitted garden hose which is also named non torsion PVC garden hose, is made up of three layers or four layers, with premium PVC and polyester fiber reinforcement.
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  • Non-kink Crocheting PVC Garden Hose

    Non kink garden hose is made of premium quality PVC with advanced crocheting technology. Compared with traditional hose, it is torsion and warp resistance, easier and free to use.
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  • PVC Non Torsion Water Hose

    PVC Non Torsion water Hose PVC Non torsion water hose is also called torsion resistant PVC hose, Non torsion PVC garden hose, PVC knitted garden hose, Knitted PVC hose, Torsion free PVC garden hose, etc. OEM ODM Application PVC non torsion water hose is the ideal necessity...
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  • Clear Vinyl Tubing

    Clear Vinyl Tubing Clear Vinyl Tubing is also called clear PVC tubing, clear tubing, plastic hose, plastic tubing, PVC clear hose, clear PVC hose, PVC transparent hose, unreinforced single PVC hose, PVC liquid hose, etc. OEM&ODM Application Clear Vinyl Tubing is widely...
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