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PVC Lay Flat Hose

PVC Layflat Water Delivery Hose

PVC Layflat Water Delivery Hose

PVC Layflat Water Delivery Hose is made from pure PVC resin with excellent polyester yarn reinforcement,It is same quality and function with Sunny hose, widely used in angriculture and industry.
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PVC Layflat Water Delivery Hose is made from high quality PVC resin with high tensile filament polyester yarn reinforcement. The "extrusion and weaving simultaneously " production technology of layflat hose make a very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester.

This production is very ingenious and get good pressure and longer life time.

Because the yarn and PVC are compounded one part.



OEM is very popular for our export.

Most of our customers have their own brand.




1)       Advanced one-step extrusion technology, A premium water discharge hose featuring a balanced polyester yarn spiral wrap, longitudinal strength member, and homogeneous PVC tube and cover.

2)       Smooth tube provides low friction loss.

3)       Acid and alkali resistant, cold weather resistance,

4)       Lay straight with minimal elongation under pressure.

5)       No smell and environment friendly.

6)       Hose can be punched easily without tearing for drip irrigation applications.

7)       Homogeneous tube and cover construction eliminates separation.

8)       Ultraviolet inhibitors reduce aging and weather checking.

9)       Easy dispensing and storage.



Use for general purpose water discharge applications - ideal for use as drip irrigation supply line.

It also can be used in industry and other aspects widely.

We also can make high pressure sand or mud lay flat hose with speicial purpose.



Tube and Cover- Blue PVC impregnation

Very smooth and bright surface inside and outside

Reinforcement- high tensile polyester yarn

Customer's brand can be printed on the hose 

The weaving and extrusion are finished synchronously by Korea technology, It is best for bonding.


Specifications of PVC Layflat Water Delivery Hose

We also can make the weight kg/m as customer request.

This is best for the regular impoter customers or customers who is very familiar with layflat hose.

And all of our hose is sold by USD/kg, this is best for buyer and seller.

You can down load the PDF specifications on this page.

Production show

Winding and extruding is going at same time, it is uniform and homogeneous. all the production is finished at one time.


Packing and Delivery

We can make the customized packing paper card as request for the layflat hose tubing,on which the customer brand will be printed.

Also, More than 50 production lines, the goods will be deliveried in time.

It is about 10-15days for 1x40HQ if not peak season.


Product Details


This is the final for the production, You can see that the polyester yarn weaving is cross to enhance densely. This will make this layflat tubing much higher pressure than traditional flat hose. 

A trial order, you will feel its excellent quality.


Glad to share our PVC hose with you.

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